Grace Ministry "Reaching the Unreached" was conceived in 2006 by David Mtange Mwabi in response to the needs of a nation torn apart by civil warfare.
"In every family, at least one member has died due to war. This has left countless homeless children and many have resorted to the streets."
David Mtange Mwabi
"We are commissioned to take the children into our hands and show them the love of Christ. We see the little children smiling then we can know that heaven is coming closer to them. We would want to stand with the children in every way possible"
David Mtange Mwabi
“You will find a very homely environment and you will feel the freshness of God’s creation... we thank God for such a blessing.”
David Mtange Mwabi
“We request that you stand with us in prayer and support and let us have the children remembered and catered for. The rebels’ war has been the number one killer in DR Congo, claiming the lives of millions."
David Mtange Mwabi


Grace Ministries Children’s Home is a center for orphaned children located in Uvira district in eastern Democratic Republic of  Congo. We provide housing, clothing, food, health care, education and many other needs to 38 children from around eastern DRC. We are able to provide these needs solely through the donations of individuals like you. Grace Ministries has no corporate or foundational support. We rely on the charity of ordinary citizens to achieve our goal of providing a safe place for children, free from the desperation of living in the most dangerous country in the world.

Grace Ministries Children’s Home believes that education is our children’s best hope of escaping the strong grip of poverty. We feel all children, regardless of the hardships they may have endured in the past, deserve a chance to make something of themselves.



The war has severely impacted DRC, claiming the lives of millions. Almost every home has lost family members due to the civil war. Many children have been left with no parents and no one to care for them, and many have resorted to the streets. GRACE MINISTRIES CHILDREN’S HOME reaches out to these children to help them with…



  • To build a sponsor base to take care of the basic needs of the children (each child requires $96 per month, including rent, food, medical and school fees)
  • We are currently $450 per month short of our target
  • Clean water supply to the orphanage
  • To buy a vehicle to aid in buying food supplies, transporting children to hospital, and other travel needs.



Grace Ministries Children’s Home is located in Kilomoni. Uvira District, DRC

“You will find …a very homely environment and you will feel the freshness of God’s creation… we thank God for such a blessing.”

David Mtange Mwabi